Was Your Car Caught in a Hailstorm?

Get in touch with your local hail damage repair experts in Brandon & Jackson, MS

Hailstorms can often happen without warning, causing damage to multiple areas of your car. For professional hail damage repair services in Brandon & Jackson, MS, contact Southern Dent Specialists LLC. Our team of experts will fully repair dents and damage done by hail, then help your with your insurance claim if needed.

Has your vehicle been damaged by hail? Contact us today for hail insurance claims and repairs for your car.

How can we repair your car after hail damage?

Because hail can damage multiple parts of your car at once, we use full body hail damage repair techniques to get the job done. This will often include:

  • Removing door panels
  • Lowering headliners
  • Manipulating metal
  • Disassembling parts of the vehicle
  • Using specialized tools and heats

We work with you from the initial repairs until your hail insurance claim is settled to get you the services you need. Call us at 601-750-5913 today to learn more.